I've published dozens of articles over the past few years. Here are some highlights:

Is "Girl-Power" Advertising Doing Any Good?

  • Published by Bitch Media in July 2014
  • Following publication, the article went viral for a week and was picked up by Huffington Post and Alternet. In October, I had the privilege of recording myself reading the article as part of the Popaganda podcast.

Interview: Those Darlins

Unpopular History: Women's role in America's turn-of-the-century Mandolin Craze

  • Published by She Shreds Magazine in August 2013
  • Note: This article involved extensive historical research and is now the basis of a grant application from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Bike Maintenance Guide

  • Published by Willamette Week in February 2012
  • Part of larger bicycling guide, to which I also contributed this advice on carrying cargo by bike.