Hi, there.

I'm Natalie, the traveling freelancer, a creative strategist with more than five years of experience in graphic design, social media, marketing strategy, and editorial content.

The Traveling Freelancer was a project I launched in 2014, in which Itraveled across the United States, providing marketing and design services while experiencing the incredible parts of my country I had never seen before. I am currently at capacity and not seeking new clients but would still love to hear about your project and point you in as many helpful directions as I can.

My ethos:

  • Clear communication, honesty, and integrity
  • Balancing personal expertise with client's preferences
  • Staying up to date on best practice and industry trends
  • Not just finding a solution to a problem, rather creating the best solution possible
  • Having fun while working hard

Past work:


Fun facts:

  • I helped my dear friend Fabi Reyna create and launch She Shreds Magazine, the world's only magazine dedicate to women guitarists. Being involved with She Shreds and watching it grow has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.

  • You're looking at the South Texas Youth Soccer Association's 2007 Female Youth Referee of the Year. Oh, high school jobs.

  • I lived in a small town in Germany from ages 6-10 and since then have had the privilege of traveling to Kenya, Tanzania, China, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and a dozen other countries. Ironically, I've yet to experience Canada.